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Welcome to Yogimamas, the site for mothers who love nature and natural living and who are passionate about helping their family to reach their full potential and to thrive in mind, body and spirit!

I started Yogimamas quite by accident, when I had my first child and - being an avid reader - devoured dozens of books on motherhood and parenting that all seemed to contradict each other. I noticed that many books were based on what seems to get baby to do what we want rather than what's best for their development and so I set off on a mission to find out what the world's leading scientific experts had to say on issues such as sleeping, feeding and bonding. I discovered that the methods that I found the easiest, i.e. sleeping next to my baby so that I could feed her without having to get out of bed, and carrying her in a sling, not only made my life so much easier but soothed my baby as well and had the benefit of science to back up the many benefits to baby's development. Motherhood is by no means a one-size-fits-all approach but what really worked for me and my family were the old fashioned back-to-basics methods that I read about in books such as The Continuum Concept.


Being an innately disorganised person, the idea of schedules or having to carry a huge bag with me every time I left the house brought me out in a cold sweat. When my baby was young, we'd usually leave the house with her in the sling and nothing more than a nappy and small pack of wipes in my pocket. Many people around me thought that my mothering style was rather weird, especially when she was still sleeping in my bed and breastfeeding when she was almost three. So I wanted to share the information that I had spent hours trawling through science journals and numerous organisations' archives to find so that other mothers like myself could parent in this relaxed and easy way whilst feeling empowered by the scientific evidence that show that these methods aren't 'dangerous' or 'damaging to their independence' but are actually great ways to support their healthiest neurological development and support the foundations of healthy minds and high self esteem in our children.  And what's more - these methods can be practised by anybody, hardly any gadgets are needed and literally thousands of pounds can be saved in the process, saving on prams, cots, bouncers and the many expensive gadgets that parents are convinced to buy. 

Then, shortly before my baby's third birthday, my health suddenly took a turn for the worst. I was on holiday in Greece when all of a sudden, I was experiencing high anxiety, lethargy and my ears were constantly buzzing. For months I had no idea what was wrong with me and conventional doctors tried to convince me to take antidepressants. I had been watching the incredible Naturopath Dr. Morse's Youtube videos for years and always thought if I ever got sick, that was where I would turn. But my head was so foggy that I wasn't sure which advice to take. Then, around 9 months later, I re-read some books that I'd read before by Antony William, better known as the Medical Medium and he clearly explained all of my symptoms and causes and to my delight - the treatment also. He stated that a virus called Epstein Barr virus was causing these symptoms. It is a virus that most people carry and anybody who has ever had glandular fever, otherwise known as Mono definitely has. I had glandular fever when I was 11 and so it all began to make sense. This virus that normally lies dormant within people, had reactivated. Reactivation can occur when we we're not looking after our health properly or in times of stress. Well I hadn't been sleeping properly, hadn't been eating properly as we couldn't find much vegan food on holiday, so I'd been living off spaghetti made from white flour most days and I was still breastfeeding around the clock and not taking any supplements. All very foolish in hindsight. So I had run my body into the ground and now this virus had reactivated causing me these very unenjoyable symptoms. But within just a few days of drinking celery juice first thing in the day as well as his heavy metal detox smoothies, I was feeling much better. Had I taken the pharmaceuticals, according to Antony, the toxins in them would have fed the viral pathogens and my health would have declined even further. 

It can be really disconcerting when we're sick and conventional doctors, the people we grow up believing can always help us when we need them, are unable to help us. And so I wanted to share my journey and what I've learned with other mothers so that we can not only ensure that our own health and wellbeing is maintained but that of our family's also. And whilst medical science is incredible in emergencies and surgeries, it has little place in preventing or curing chronic illness. For this, the place to look is at what we eat, drink, breathe and put on our skin. And I am passionate to share as much information as I can about health and healing the natural way. Therefore, this site is devoted to natural parenting, natural living and natural healing. 

For any mothers who have stories that can help or inspire others, please contact us as we'd love to share your stories too. 

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There is no single effort more radical in its potential for saving the world, than a transformation of the way we raise our children.

Marianne Williamson

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