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YOGIMAMAS offers the following Courses:

London based antenatal classes focusing on ways in which we can enhance our mind, body and spirit in preparation for motherhood. Our classes cover ways to enhance our self-connection and ability to trust our instincts; methods to uncover and remedy any negative mental patterns or parental conditioning that may affect our own parenting; practices to maintain calm, strength, health and equilibrium; education on natural healing and overcoming pregnancy problems; the benefits of eating a mostly plant-food diet and information on the science that underpins natural parenting methods such as co-sleeping, almost constant contact, developing powerful attachment relationships, baby-wearing and breastfeeding or connected bottle feeding.

The YOGIBABY Course offers guidance for parents of newborns, specifically regarding sleeping, carrying, feeding support (both breast and bottle feeding), and calming of young infants, with an overall emphasis on building a powerful mother/baby connection and maximising joy through the very short yet magical period of babyhood.

The YOGIMAMA 'INTUITIVE PARENTING' Course pulls from science and fundamental yogic principles to help mothers to deepen their own self-connection, to find their own voice and their own unique way of child care based upon their individual personality and circumstances. In parenting a 'one-size-fits-all' approach isn't helpful, but empowering mothers to connect with their highest self and feel confident in their own decisions, can benefit everyone. 

The PEACEFUL PARENTING TODDLERS Course covers the basics of toddler development, particularly their neurological development and how that relates to their capabilities and caregiver support needs. Through understanding how a toddlers brain works, we can support them to remain calm, balanced and happy through a high level of emotional connection and support.

The PLANT-BASED Family Course is all about the basics of veganism, the science that supports living a plant-based lifestyle, expanding our sense of connection to include all beings, and recipes and snacks to get you started.

The ZENBABY Course provides tips on how to calm and soothe your baby with an emphasis on deepening connection.

The HERBS FOR FAMILY WELLNESS Course provides in depth information - including science and comprehensive studies - on foods, herbs and nutrients that support family health and wellbeing. Medicinal herbs are also explained and suggested as a first line of defence in many cases of illness in both children and adults.  

The YOGA PHILOSOPHY FOR LIFE Course gives an in-depth overview of ancient yogic philosophy principles and how recent science supports such principles for living a fulfilled, healthy and meaningful life. 

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