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There are many misconceptions around breast and bottle feeding and this page aims to clear up some of the most common ones.

It has long been believed that eating a high protein diet makes us healthy and strong but that couldn't be further from the truth. Breastmilk is extremely low in protein, much lower than in many other animal milks. Cow's milk has over three times the amount of protein as human milk and this is because it's designed to fatten up a small baby calf and turn it into a 4oo kilo cow within a year. Humans on the other hand, take 18 years to reach our adult size. 

Since human milk is high in natural sugars, then great foods to boost our milk production are fruits, fresh juices and starchy vegetables like potatoes. According to Medical Medium, mothers who have a hard time producing enough breastmilk, often find they have an abundance of it, once they switch their diet from a high fat, high protein diet to one high in fresh fruits, juices and vegetables

For mothers having trouble breastfeeding, it can be extremely stressful, but there are many breastfeeding consultants who are able to advise on changes that can aid breastfeeding, Some mothers cannot breastfeed due to health issues or because they need to take medications that contraindicate breastfeeding, but they don't want to give their child cow's milk based formula. 

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