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Health Through Food (and Medical Medium)!

Updated: May 23, 2020

It's all too easy to lose sight of our health and fitness during early motherhood. Many of us are all too quick to forego our regular exercise, weekly trips to the farmer's market, time to make healthy meals from scratch, and the luxury of 8 uninterrupted hours of sleep. All too soon we're living on our children's food scraps and surviving on the odd slice of toast here and there (when we remember to eat!) When our sleep is disturbed and our healthy food choices are compromised, it's no surprise that our health and energy levels quickly deteriorate.

For me, it was in my daughter's third year and during an active holiday where we couldn't find much healthy vegan food, that I crashed and burned. For months, I had been feeling increasingly tired, but then one evening, all of a sudden, my ears started to ring, exhaustion set in, I couldn't sleep properly and my anxiety levels went through the roof. I had been neglecting my sleep, neglecting any time for myself to relax, and neglecting to eat well - all whilst breastfeeding an active toddler who was by my side every hour of every day.

For over 6 months, conventional doctors had no idea what was wrong with me. And then I found the miracle worker that is the Medical Medium. With almost 2.5 m million followers on Instagram and having sold millions of books worldwide, he has healed many thousands - if not millions - of people worldwide through his healing advice which he claims comes to him psychically. I'm certainly no believer in psychics as general rule, but when I saw the pages of dozens of women like me who had healed from symptoms like mine, using nothing more than food and herbs, I had to try it.

The Medical Medium states in his books that most of the chronic and autoimmune or 'mystery' illnesses that conventional doctors can't cure, originate from an abundance of pathogens, heavy metals and viruses within the body. In my case, I had neglected my body so much and had been living off adrenaline rather than proper sleep and being properly nourished and had damaged my adrenal glands. To heal I needed to rest, relax and sleep more, take herbs and supplements and change my way of eating.

I began by cutting out the main foods that the Medical Medium says feed viruses and pathogens in the body such as eggs, dairy, gluten, corn, soy, rapeseed oil, artificial flavours and MSG in the form of 'natural' flavourings. Everybody has pathogens and viruses present in the body and we need to ensure that they're suppressed and not 'fed' before serious healing can begin. I started my days with organic and cold-pressed celery juice every morning. Within 2 weeks of the Medical Medium protocols, I was already feeling better than I had in the previous 7 months!

It's so often the foods that we put into our bodies that contribute to our sickness and unfortunately it's only when we get sick, that we even consider our food choices seriously. Not only the food, but the water we drink, the air that we breathe, the chemicals in our homes and the toxins we ingest through our skin, can all slowly make us sick.

So for anybody going through chronic, autoimmune or 'mystery' illness, I cannot recommend Medical Medium enough. Such issues are caused by lifestyle and so only by changing our food and lifestyle can we truly heal. If we put the wrong fuel in the car, there's no pill that can clean out the engine, it has to actually be drained and flushed and likewise with our body - it needs to be cleansed and detoxed. The right foods for our body are fruits, vegetables, pulses, nuts, seeds and a few grains.

And for those lucky enough to 'feel' in great health right now (because we never know what's going on underneath the surface), then watching what we eat, drink, breathe and ingest through our skin now, can stave off serious health problems tomorrow!

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